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Azania Travel understands the importance of going on vacation.  Whether a quick getaway to the Caribbean, a cruise, a vacation in Europe, or an African Safari, we will help ensure your vacation more than meets expectations.

With so many destinations to choose from planning your vacation can be quite daunting. Our experienced staff are here to help.  We offer unbiased advice on vacation options to all worldwide destinations.

Azania Travel offers both tailor-made vacations and packages.  Customizing your vacation allows you to build in all the components you are looking for and travel at any time.

Alternatively, there are many package vacations available, which offer attractive destinations at all-inclusive prices.  Choose from Caribbean breaks, European vacations, beach vacations, safaris, adventure tours and exotic, long haul destinations.

Our travel arrangements can include booking your flight, arranging your hotel, reserving your car, issuing your travel insurance and assistance with passports and visas.

We can help you through every stage of the process, to ensure that you have a memorable, enjoyable and hassle-free holiday.  Contact us and be one step closer to your dream holiday.